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Quantsulting is a    reliable    trustworthy appropriate partner for solving your quantitive-related issues.

We cover a wide range of services related to quantitative finance.

Asset Allocation

Our cutting-edge quantitative indicators. allows to take the pulse of the financial markets and react accordingly.

Portfolio Construction

Nowadays, quantitative methods are essential in portfolio construction. From machine learning to deep learning, new techniques have a virtually unlimited potential.


Modern optimization methods allow you to pursue multiple objectives while keeping risks under control.

Risk Management

Quantitative finance allows you to highlight the various risks to which your portfolios are subject, even the latent ones.


Even traditional trading methods, such as technical analysis, benefit from the advances made in machine learning. Take your strategy to the next level!.

User Interfaces

Whether you want a sophisticated calculation tool or a personalized platform for your company, do not hesitate to use our services.

Who We Are

Quantsulting is a fintech start-up on a human scale. Everything is done to solve specific quantitative problems and provide its customers with a personalized solution.

Our competences cover the construction and optimization of portfolios with trading algorithms and risk management tools.

Portfolio Management
Risk Management

Meet Our Team

Our specialists cover the different fields of quantitative finance.

They are committed to providing a personalized and affordable solution to your quantitative finance problems.